CDO Property for Sale in Upper Puerto Alae

Strategically located near the Alae CDO-Camp Philips-Bukidnon junction, this 1.3 hectare property for sale makes a perfect  weekend getaway where you can lounge in your own farmhouse and enjoy the harvests from the land.

The property is already full of fruit trees such as the ever-delicious Durian, the nutritious Guyabano, watering Coconuts, fresh Lanzones, Bananas, Cacao, Rambutan, Mangosteen and Jackfruit. Hence, you don’t need to plant from scratch; just add your favorite fruit trees if you want more in the list.

This CDO property for sale is abutting a private road just a few hundred meters away from the main CDO-Davao highway with water system and electricity available in the area. The current selling price in the area is already at Php 1,300 per square meter based on latest market data as of last quarter of 2016.


Location Advantage of this Property for Sale in CDO

One of the advantages of this location is that it is only less than an hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City proper; approximately 30 minutes away from the Bugo-Puerto Junction going to Bukidnon. The property  is also a kilometers away from Camp Philips Bukidnon and Del Monte Golf Course. There are two Christian Churches near the property. It is about 100 meters away from Sto. Nino de Alae Parish Church, and around 300 meters away from Iglesia Ni Christo Church, while the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness is just around the block as well. If you ran out of gasoline, no problem since Shell Gas Station is just around the corner.  Surely, this is one good place to invest in for a weekend stay away from the bustling city life.


Cons of this Property

In every property there is always disadvantages, and in order to arrive at a wise decision it is best to know what the cons are. In this case, a certain portion of the property is being used as a public road to a nearby settlement towards the interior. If the road is to be donated, about 300 sqm will be lost. However, the settlement has actually a road on the other side but the shorter route is through this property, making it the most widely used access road by the settlers. Nonetheless, this is a minor issue that can be negotiated with the barangay officials in the area.




Recommendation – Get this Property For Sale in Alae Cagayan de Oro

Real estate properties in upper Puerto Cagayan de Oro and in Alae Bukidnon is steady increasing over time as the are keeps on developing. It is the entry point to Del Monte and Camp Philippines, and to Dahilayan Park. Right now, there is a factory and a warehouse nearby, and Menzi Orchard and subdivision is developing, as well. This property has close proximity to vital centers like the public market, public school, various churches, gas station, stores, and of course, the Manolo Fortich provincial Hospital is just nearby.

This property offered for sale by owner is perfect for a weekend in the farm. This is also excellent for residential, as well. At 13,000 sq.m you can also subdivide the property into 5 to 10 equal residential lots; hence, a perfect family lot for the siblings who want to be neighbors.

Check the photos of this property for sale in Alae for more details.

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional advice.







  • Title: Original Certificate of Title
  • Location: Bugo, Cagayan de Oro (based on OCT), Barrio of Alae (per sketch plan)
  • Area: 1 hectare 3 ares and 20 centares (10,320 sqm)
  • Offered Price: P1,200/sqm (negotiable for serious buyer only)


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