CDO Higalaay Carnival Parade 2016

CDO Higalaay Festival Carnival Parade

One of the main highlights of Cagayan de Oro Higalaay Festival 2016 was the colorful Carnival parade held on Saturday, August 20, 2016. The event started at 4pm in downtown CDO along Velez Street to DV Soria. The parade started with the Green Team Montessori comprised of young students dressed in colorful attire leading the pack with an attractive float at the finale. Other participants of this festive event include the Liceo De Cagayan University, Gusa Elementary School and Barangay Council, Dance Sport Council, and the winners of the recently concluded Miss Cagayan De Oro Beauty Pageant, among others.

The event was attended by thousands of participants and spectators. The vibrant colors of the costumes and floats amidst the resounding drums and bugles made the event a truly memorable one. The parade marked as one of the main events of CDO Higalaay Festival 2016, with the grand finale on the city fiesta in August 28, feast day of the city’s patron saint St. Augustine. Check out the photos of the parade below.


CDO Higalaay Carnival Parade 2016, Cagayan de Oro, CDO, Cagayan de Oro

Higalaay Carnival Parade 2016 started with Montessori team leading the pack.

CDO Higalaay Festival Carnival Parade

Liceo De Cagayan Carnival parade participants showed off their dancing skills on the street of Cagayan de Oro City.

CDO Carnival Higalaay Parade

Winners of Miss Cagayan De Oro 2016 were the main highlights of the Carnival Parade.

CDO Carnival Parade 2016

Another contender of the Carnival Parade presenting their dancing skills in vibrant colors

CDO festival parade 2016

Every year the Carnival Parade is one of the main highlights of Higalaay Festival

CDO fiesta parade 2016

Cagayan de Oro city is truly a booming city as shown by the rising developments and the coming of big businesses and industries within and nearby the city. There are also a couple of big events and annual festivities that continue to attract more tourists every year, aside from the popular destinations of CDO that include the water rafting, caving, zip-lining in nearby province, and island getaway to Camiguin Island. These tourist attractions and events will continue to benefit the growing CDO real estate industry.


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